APOC projects at the Google Summer of Code 2008

Students! What are you waiting for? APOC has two open ideas on both GNOME and KDE‘s pools for this year:

Sabayon integration with APOC

Wanna make GNOME rock even more on big deployments?

Sabayon is a configuration profile management tool written in python, it allows to create configuration profiles using an X session and directly configuring applications using a special user. This profiles are then stored in a zipfile that can be deployed on the users’ home unzipping it.

This approach has the shortcoming that profiles can’t be deployed on a group base without unzipping the profile on each home directory and there’s no real policy when you want to apply several profiles to different groups. Storing profiles with the APOC format would allow to apply them seamlessly to tens of thousands of users using LDAP either by role, host, group or user base.

Some time ago we wrote a patch at Sun to enable Sabayon to store profiles in the same format that APOC does. The goal of this project is to adapt this patch to get it into the mainstream Sabayon code base and extend its capabilities to store the OpenOffice configuration keys.

The whole project would be written in Python, although some Java reading might be needed.

I will mentor this project myself and federico (the Sabayon maintainer) offered himself to support the effort as much as he can.

KConfig adapter for APOC

Wanna make KDE rock even more on big deployments?

APOC already has adapters for GConf, Firefox/Mozilla and OpenOffice in place (although not all of them has been released yet). However, the other big open source desktop player on the opensource arena is still missing, we would love to see a KConfig adapter for APOC and that’s why we have propossed an idea on the KDE’s pool.

This would be a huge gain to complement the awesome kiosk capabilities that KDE already has, making KDE even more suitable for enterprise and education environments. On the other hand it would help to make the APOC community scope even bigger, which is something that I’m really willing to see.

This project would mostly involve C++/QT coding.

My workmate and APOC rockstar Joerg is going to mentor this project.

If you’re interested in apply to any of those projects, drop us a line to alberto (dot) ruiz (at) sun (dot) com or joerg (dot) barfurth (at) sun (dot) com.



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