Gtk+ updates on the OSX/Win32 front

GDI+ Pixbuf loader integrated into Gtk+ trunk

tml has done an outstanding job integrating the GDI+ pixbuf loader into trunk there. This means that we can get rid of at least libjpeg and libtiff dependencies on Win32. zlib and libpng are needed by cairo anyway.

I’m really happy about this, since I’m kind of paranoid on removing dependencies and reusing as much as possible on the platform to make the Gtk+ runtime smaller and easier to build, on the other hand this is probably the first time a project that I bootstrap myself gets into mainstream somwhere.

Of course, none of this could have happened without the heavy lifting of Dom and his tips at the very beginning of the project. Kudos for him too!


OS X’s Quartz engine/theme landed on GNOME’s svn

I’ve been working on improving rhult‘s Mac OS X quartz engine as well, tabs, menubar backgrounds and arrows has got some love, again during a flight, while I was coming to Spain.

After those fixes rhult and myself thought that moving the code from his git repository to an official SVN module would be a good idea to encourage testing a more people to help. So there it is, check it out while it’s hot!

$ svn co gtk-quartz-engine

Win32 Combobox fixes backported to 2.12

The fixes I did on the hackfest are now backported to 2.12, this means that comboboxes won’t look broken anymore on any future stable releases of Gtk+ with the Win32 engine/theme. Yay!