Hi there!

Hello, this is my first post on this weblog, I had another one written in spanish http://arclnx.blogalia.com, so this is my first english blog, so, I need to apologize about the mistakes that I’ll make, corrections are welcome.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Alberto Ruiz, from Canary Islands, Spain, I’m on the third year of Technical Engineer of Computer Systems at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Actually, my main occupations are, finishing my studies (probably this year), my work at the Open Source Lab at the University, where I run iniciatives for promoting free software among the university community, I’m also member of the Gnome Hispano board and I’m trying to start up a new company called Synaptia with my dear friend Juanje.

So now, what I’m about to write in this weblog? The main focus is Gnome related and free software projects comments. I’ll also blog about personal projects and happy ideas that would came to my head.

So I hope you’ll enjoy the weird things I’ll write.