Curved borders are cool, let’s put them everywhere!

Someone on the firefox team decided that putting a curved separator inside a curved container was a good idea (second navbar is what I think it should be):

Besides that it looks extremmely ugly to me, it actually separates two elements that are  non curved and vertical, the text and the favicon side, it also waste space for the sace of curveness. On the other hand, it actually breaks consistency on how mac tabs does the separation between tabs in a notebook (which is basically the same pattern, separate elements inside a common rounded border container):

Could anyone tell me what’s the best way to address this issue within the mozilla community?

Anyway, I’m heading to Gran Canaria right now, leaving Dublin for almost 4 months. Everything is packed and my taxi would be downstairs in 15 minutes. There I go warm weather!

5 thoughts on “Curved borders are cool, let’s put them everywhere!

  1. I’d be surprised if it can be much addressed. There’s been a lot of protesting about the whole Proto theme on its home page ( ever since it diverged from the standard Mac OS X 10.5 look after 0.9.1, but they have been forging on with their own vision.
    I switched over to using GrApple Yummy from on the Mac; I have some issues with spacing (and some problems caused by Firefox itself, I think, like inactive color and not being able to grab the window from the spaces between toolbar buttons), but otherwise it’s pretty decent.
    Btw, Typepad doesn’t want to linkify that https URI.


  2. Seriously, I really wish that I could call this an “issue”. There so much more bigger issues in my life, that I wouldn’t even bother making a serious point of a silly thing like this.
    I mean, it’s a fscking URL bar. Who gives a damn what it looks like? It works, doesn’t it?


  3. /me tmb lo encuentra feo, la verdad
    Sinceramente, preferiría que los dos triangulos quedasen englobados en otra “cosa-redondeada”, daría un aspecto más consistente…


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