Bid for FLOSS

Carlos Parra from Emergya (one of the companies helping the government of Andalusia to deploy Linux, GNOME and other free software technologies in the public institutions) has done a pretty brave proposal. Started as a joke, he said he was tempted to do the Way of St. James from Burgos (a 500km trip by foot). Some of us bet 10EUR that he couldn't make it (in fact we were all pretty certain that he is capable), and that those 10EUR would go to a FOSS non-profit of his choice.

After a few days the joke grew up as a fund raising campaing for free software called Bid for FLOSS. Here is the text of the campaing from the facebook page:

More info on apuestaporelsoftwarelibre.​com (Spanish)

You are invited to bid for FLOSS!

What is the bid?

– If I don't complete the challenge, i will donate 10€ to the FLOSS project that each person decides.
– If I successfully complete the challenge, each person has to donate 10€ to the FLOSS project that he or she decides.

What is a FLOSS project?

We understand the software projects that let you the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.

What is the challenge?

I will walk on «Camino de Santigo» starting from Burgos in less than a month, there is around 500 kilometers (310 miles). No tricks, i will take just my bag and i will walk daily around 20km – 50km (around 12 miles – 31 miles). 

How to bid?

Just click on 'I'm Attending' button on the event.

How do i know that there is no trick?
I will take some FLOSS plus a little of hardware that let me keep you informed with photos, tweets and so on. I promise you that there is no trick!

If you decide to bid, you will help to a FLOSS project. By the way, it would be really nice any event promotion!

Keep you updated with twitter, tag #apuestaporelsoftwarelibre​ or

If you want to become part, all that you have to do is join the event in Facebook, and be ready to donate the 10EUR once Carlos makes it to Santiago de Compostela. A worthwhile cause I'd say.