The times they are a-changin’

Loads of changes for me recently, both at a professional and at a personal level. Last saturday I packed my things and moved back to Gran Canaria for good. It has been four years and a half since I moved to Dublin for an adventure with extinct and moaned Sun Microsystems. And two years since I moved to Manchester to work for Codethink.

Being abroad in a foreign country has been an enlightening and rewarding experience, I have worked with great people and I am happy to be able to say that I never left any of my jobs and the places because I was fed up, quite the contrary, I am extremly proud and I feel privileged to have worked with the people I worked with and the friendships I have found in the middle. I left because it was the right time for me. However, being abroad has a huge emotional cost as well, and not always bearable.

So here I am, at the right time for another change. Two weeks ago I started a new job at Canonical as a Senior Engineer in the Product Strategy group. I am thrilled to be able to work on a project I care about, Ubuntu, which I think is key to make FOSS thrive for regular users (the so called "consumers") and not just servers and big corporations. I'm also quite excited to work alongside Ted Gould, Neil J. Patel and Álvaro López Ortega, among other great engineers.

By the way, that means that I'll be attending the next UDS in Orlando in a couple of weeks!



Exciting and happy times ahead for me.