Mac got tabs, native and shiny tabs!

I think that we should hire a plane with a few printed editions of the Devhelp manuals and references plus an offline backup of bugzilla for the next Gtk+ hackfest.

This is what I got working during my flight back to Dublin:

I’m having lots of fun working on the native engines for Mac and Windows. It’s not that hard, and the results makes tons of people a lot happier.

There is a patch already in place to allow to center the tabs. Next step would be to figure out what’s the last tab so we can do the round corner on the other side. I’ve submitted a bug with an idea on how to solve it, gotta write the patch still.

Pretty productive flight though 🙂

5 thoughts on “Mac got tabs, native and shiny tabs!

  1. What is this program? I’d love to see this available with all the alternate language binding examples and a run button.


  2. It seems to me that most applications that use custom tabs use them for tabbed windows. All the examples on that page are for tabbed windows.
    They also typically use toolbars for tab like controls at the top of preference windows.
    In other words they don’t use custom tabs or even the same kind in all windows.


  3. I forgot to mention, tabbed windows such as an IM window with multiple chats and browser windows. Not for tabs in a window such as GIMP toolboxes or tabs within a window such as sub-tabs in a preference window.


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