The Amaroses

PortadaWhere I come from, Gran Canaria, people is not well known for a sophisticated taste in music, to put it nicely. Most people stick to mainstream and whatever the disco puts out loudly. On top of that, there are only a handful of places where local bands can play live, and most coconcerts are usually played by the Ricky Martins and Alejandro Sanzs of the world. So yeah, the music scene is pretty poor in there.

For that reason, this band I was introduced to a while ago comes across as a delightful exception that flourished against all odds. The Amaroses. I saw them live last year, and it was a really good performance, energetic, right into your ears and fun!


This week my girlfriend brought their new album from Spain, and I listened to it properly. I really like the sound of it, the lyrics are just awesome, specially taking into account that the average level of English around there is pretty poor. I really recommend them if you like energetic Rock with an undertone of melodrama.

In general, I wouldn't actually write a blog post just to recommend a group I just discovered, if it wasn't that to my surprise, their album is released under a CC-BY-SA license! That totally made my day as the last thing I would expect is find a band from Gran Canaria so good and that is actually informed enough about free culture to release their work in a sensible license.

So yeah, check them out and let me know what you think!

Gtk+ FontSelection progress

I blogged before about my intention to rework the current font dialog. Máirín Duffy provided the initial designs, and I implemented a python prototype to toy with the design.

After a long while of stalled progress, I took my prototype, uploaded it to github, and started to iterate the design with the GNOME Design guys, (aday, lapo, jimmac, hbos…). After a few iterations we came up with something we all were happy with and I moved ahead to create a gtk+ branch. Here is the result so far:

Screenshot-Font Selection

Since I was using Gtk+ 2 for the original preview, I need to figure out how to get things right for 3.0 in terms of layout. However the functionality is pretty much there. I want to discuss a few API problems in the next Gtk+ meeting.

Here's a video of the current behaviour: