Chapter #Next: Kindle

Since the beginning of December I started working for Amazon in Madrid to run the team responsible for the Kindle experience on PC and the web. This is a bit of a career shift for me, for a while I’ve been wondering how would it be like to deliver a user experience of a successful consumer product, I have always been working on the seat of the OS/platform provider and more recently I have learned the hardware end by working with OEMs as part of my last role at Red Hat. However I have never been in the shoes of an ISV delivering an app for a vertical market, on top of that the position was advertised for Madrid for an onsite team, while working from home has many advantages running an entire team onsite is also a refreshing change for me, all in all it seemed like a cool opportunity where I could learn lots and try something different so I made the jump.

By the way, my team is hiring software engineers in Madrid, Spain, so if this is an area you are interested in please DM me on twitter.