git silent breakness

<passionate rant>
I’ve been playing with git (versionn 1.5) for a while now. I’ve run into the same problem several times, sometimes after pulling my branch into the main one, some ramdom files are missing, not the ones I’ve added, but files that were there before and I haven’t removed from the repository at all.

Maybe I’m not using the tool correctly, but that’s exactly the point, if the tools is doing nasty things without warnings, how should I know?
</passionate rant>

I think DSCM is great though, I would like to give other options a try to see if they are any better regarding user friendliness and explicit security.

Kudos to VMWare!

VMWare has brought me a VMWare Workstation license, thanks to David Trowbridge and Robert Baesman!

I’m going to use it mainly for the Gtk+ Win32 distribution improvement testing (which is been stalled for a while, keep tuned!) and some screencasting. Many thanks!