RE: Finite resources, infinite growth

Philip proposes that we should modify the entire human race for them to have fewer possibilities to reproduce as a measure of birth control. As a prerequisite you will need to modify every single newborn, if we had the resources to influence how every single new person is born, we would actually be at the point where we could stop thos non desired borns in a much simpler way…

Anyway, there’s an easier way that actually has many other upsides. Philip, let’s solve poverty instead of proposing sci-fi 🙂

Evince outreach the Windows platform

In february, I made a post about how nice a proper Windows port of evince could be. Well, seems like some lads have been actually working on it in the meantime and finally all the patches to make it work are in place. Special mentions goes to Alan Horkan for starting the ball rolling, Hib Ebris for doing all the work and Carlos Garcia Campos for reviewing and committing all the patches.

The only reamaining task is to create an easy to use installer and make it part of the standar release process, Hib and Jody Goldberg are already working on it. Once that’s done we’ll be ready to add Evince to the FSF PDF readers page.

First day at Codethink!

Last week I left Dublin and moved to Manchester and last Monday I found a flat already! However, the paperwork involved is still keeping me to move in. In the meantime I'm staying at Rob's place, who's kindly hosting me. I still have to get a National Insurance number and a bank account, then gas, electricity, broadband… the boring side of moving abroad.

Manchester City

Anyway, I'm already getting up to speed on Codethink stuff, the work environment looks great and the workmates are awesome! Cannot talk much about the project I'm going to be working on, you know, SecretStuff(TM), but it's gonna be really cool! Stay tuned 🙂