Planet GNOME: Changes in planet membership policy

Hello Planet GNOME readers and GNOME community members,

The board of directors has agreed that from now on, to be part of Planet GNOME, it is mandatory to be a member of the GNOME Foundation. In three weeks we will proceed to remove all blogs from people that are not foundation members. This policy change means a few things:

  • If your blog is in Planet GNOME and you are not a member of the GNOME Foundation, you have three weeks to become a member!
  • New planets additions from now on will take this policy into account.
  • This doesn't mean that your blog automatically gets into Planet GNOME if you are a member, the same blog review process will be applied to requests for addition.
  • There will be a slight exception with GSoC/GOPW members we will encourage them to join in the meantime, but being able to use the planet to report progress to the community is an important part of their work as interns.
  • We will delete the feed syndication from the planet if your membership expires.

The rationale behind this new policy is simple, we want to increase the value of becoming a foundation member. Think of this as the blogging equivalent of rocking an e-mail address.

Update:  I have clarified the language behind the deletion of the feed. Someone in the comments thought I was talking about removing their blogs from This is not the case, if your membership expires your feed won't show up in the Planet, but that's it, if you have a blog in none of your posts will be deleted.

Foundationally yours,
the Planet GNOME editors team.