Back from GUADEC ’08, back to Dublin

Okay, it’s been a week already, but it was not only the back from GUADEC for me, but coming back to Dublin at the Sun offices as a full time employee.

GUADEC has been great time, as usual, I would like to thanks Baris and the whole Istanbul team for their excellent job.

Others have summarized the contents pretty well, so I won’t go through that. However, which is been pretty clear to me is that this GUADEC has been an interesting start point towards leadership strength on the community.

  • First, Stormy Peters as our Executive Director, this is probably the best decision that the board has made since I’ve got involved in GNOME, I’m pretty sure she’s going to make a difference in the project’s direction and focus, plus getting in touch with other parties to make them embrace our community and technology more and better than before. Go Stormy!
  • Second, Gtk+ 3.0, okay, a lot of people have complained about certain details about the plan, however, we have a plan that can be discussed, and we have people committed to accomplish it, that is way far better than no having plan and no people at all. Big kudos to the Imendio guys and other Gtk+ heads for pushing this discussion further.
  • And third, the GNOME release team for putting the 3.0 release with a better long term strategy for the desktop in the table. Again another leadership show that I highly appreciate.

My talks went pretty well, however, the attendance to both the APOC and the Gtk+ one were pretty low since unfortunately both of them were on the after hours track. It was specially sad that no core Gtk+ hackers were around for the last one, I might extend the topic a little further and even propose a keynote next year as suggested by some Igalians (which were pretty much the 90% of the audience 😦 ).

And last but not least, the board have decided to go for Gran Canaria as next years’ GUADEC, I’m pretty thankful to the board for trusting our proposal and I’ll make sure that next year is at least as good as the previous ones. If you have any suggestions, feedback or if you want to volunteer for helping, don’t hesitate to give us a shout at the guadec’s mailing list.