Evolution needs your help!

Kickass Evolution just branched for 3.11 starting what would be the latest release under the 6 month cadence. As announced before, Evo is going for a 1 year release cycle that the team thinks is going to enable them to improve things dramatically moving forward.

This also means that there's some pressure to make Evolution 3.12 rock in terms of stability and basic features as this is a version that is going to be used for a whole year by users.

This is why we think this is the right time to join the team and help. If you have specific areas that you want to help with let us know.

We also have a couple of issues we think are an easy one to start if you are already familiar with Gtk+/GObject development in C.

Calendar widget deprecation

We have a Canvas based widget that we would like to replace with either GtkCalendar or a fork of the GtkCalendar widget so that we get all the a11y niceties from a native Gtk+ widget. If you have experience developing Widgets in Gtk+ this should be an easy one, it is also a great opportunity to learn how to do widget development so if you haven't done so in the past, we can definitively help you if you want to take the chance to learn.

Updating icons

A sizable amount of icons are utterly outdated, a gentle artist touch would be greatly appreciated. Notice the Notes and Memos icons, the Attachment and the Appointment icons in the mail list, and also the still-not-symbolic looking glass and brush in the search entry:

Screenshot from 2013-08-29 10:36:33
Screenshot from 2013-08-29 10:36:19
Screenshot from 2013-08-29 10:36:11
Screenshot from 2013-08-29 10:34:10


There are a few GNOME Goals where Evo and/or EDS are lagging behind:


There are plenty of areas where you can help as well, if you are a UX/UI designer there are plenty of areas in Evo that could use some help like the appointment/meeting editor, here's a list of low hanging fruits:

If you are interested in any of these suggestions or if you have other ideas or skills you would like to offer to the community and help making Evo 3.12 rock just join us at #evolution in GIMPNet's IRC or join the evolution-hackers mailing list.


19 thoughts on “Evolution needs your help!

  1. I seem to recall that someone had worked on Mallard-based Evolution documentation, but showing the help in Evolution just brings up a PDF page with keyboard shortcuts. Would updated documentation be welcome, as well?


  2. RTL writing !!! or at the very least, “compose in an external editor” for HTML messages.
    Evolution is simply unusable for so many people right now because of this lack of basic language support.


  3. Last time I checked only Matthew Barnes and Milan Crha were working on Evolution at the time of the 3.6 release [1]. Why did Red Hat (I know they and you work for Red Hat, I’m not sure if other companies have more Evolution developers on the payroll?) decide to put more developers on Evolution? I thought projects like Evolution aren’t sexy anymore now that webmail has become so important, so what’s in it for Red Hat?
    Don’t get me wrong: I think Red Hat and all you guys are awesome for putting so much effort into Evolution! I use it daily and I’m very glad to see that it’s getting some love again.
    [1] https://mail.gnome.org/archives/evolution-list/2012-September/msg00046.html


  4. Hey Alexander,
    There’s mainly two reasons, one is that Thunderbird is going end of life from Mozilla, so they are only doing security bugfixes, a lot of corporate environments have custom POP/IMAP email setups so webmail is not an option for a lot of them so we need a mail client for Fedora and RHEL.
    The other reason is that a lot of customers of Red Hat use Microsoft Exchange and Evolution is the only email client with decent MS Exchange support through EWS. Check out Fabiano Fidencio’s blog for the progress on EWS support in Evo http://blog.fidencio.org/


  5. Well I’d love to but I’ve never done GObject programming. I can definitely try though. How should I start? I compiled the WebKit composer branch around two months ago and couldn’t get it to send an LTR e-mail πŸ™‚


  6. That branch is a work in progress. As per GObject, I think Evo would be a hard place to start if you want to learn.
    I would recommend you to have a look at these documents/tutorials:
    And if you think you get the handle of it feel free to show up on IRC and I’ll be more than happy to assist you on where to start πŸ™‚


  7. Hi Alberto,
    Hope to see a solid Evo in gnome 3.12. Meanwhile, one proposal.
    Can we expect a better integration between GOA and Evo? mail accounts created from GOA can not save its configurations (e.g. time to sync or if all folders will be checked).
    I have talked to Debarshi (and he in turn discussed that with Barnes), but I am not aware of there discussion. but this integration will be helpful for many.


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