GNOME’s official GitHub mirror

GNOME has just launched its official GitHub mirror!

This is an idea that has been in the back of my head for quite a while, my motivation started after I found out that someone fixed my webp pixbuf loader out of the blue without me even advertising the project. That made me realize the value of tracking who forks what and what they do with those forks. Coding and not being in GitHub these days is pretty much like being a photographer and not being in Flickr.

The aim of the mirror is just to allow people to work and publicize their branches and for maintainers to be able to lurk around and find out what are people doing either with branches inside the same repo (through the branch comparison tool) or in other forks.

Issues and wikis are disabled, pull requests can't be disabled but they will be ignored, this mirror has no intention whatsoever to modify the current contribution/review workflow that GNOME has in place.

Other nice side effects is that if our severs and our backup go to /dev/null, we still have a centralized copy of all the repositories.

As per people concerned about the fact that github is a closed source service, I have a few things to highlight: this is just a mirror, we won't rely on them for any of our activities. Also, GitHub has contributed a great deal of their infrastructure code to the free software commons and they offer a free and very valuable service to anyone who has a free software project. I hope that this alleviates any concerns with regards to this topic.

I would like to thank the GitHub staff for being so helpful, Juanje for his help on the initial scripts and Andrea Veri for his support from the GNOME infrastructure side of things!

11 thoughts on “GNOME’s official GitHub mirror

  1. @Ernst: after having to use pull requests on github for work, I *really* don’t want them on gnome. they are dumb, generate a ton of email for every review (if you manage to find the review tool at all), they end up messing the branches if you use rebase, and they generate a *merge* commit even when it’s a simple case of fast-forwarding. pull requests are just an awful, awful tool.


  2. For the same reason GNOME has a Twitter account and not an identica one: It’s about reaching people, not about sending a message.


  3. Nice work Alberto & co.
    What I would be a nice update on is to point to the script that does the mirroring.
    That way anyone asking for “and why not to XXX” could be replied with: “code is here do your magic”.


  4. Maybe this is just a githubism, but why are some projects listed as being mirrored from git://, while some projects just look like normal github projects?


  5. Hey Cody,
    The issue is that such property can only be set manually by a GitHub sysadmin, those were added manually by them, it’s a bit of a long story, will set it right eventually.


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