Rust 🖤 GNOME Hackfest – Mexico City, 2017

Glorieta del Ángel de la Independencia, Credits: laap mx@flicker cc-by-nc-nd

As you know a bunch of GNOMies have been in touch with Rustaceans to improve the Rust and GNOME binding integration. To accelerate the effort, we have decided to organize a hackfest soon-ish. After some digging and given that the great Federico has been involved in the effort we’ve figured that it was rather poetic to do it in Mexico City, birthplace of GNOME! Check out the wiki page for more details.

We will be meeting at the Red Hat office from the 29th to the 31st of March to try to advance the state of GObject bindings and try to make Rust emit GObject code as well. Get in touch with me or Federico if you want to attend!


3 thoughts on “Rust 🖤 GNOME Hackfest – Mexico City, 2017

    1. We are doing some social get togethers, have a look at the wikipage.

      For the hackfest, showing up without experience is probably not going to be that much productive if you don’t already know Rust/GObject


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