GNOME Foundation is looking for ARMv7 hardware

The GNOME Continuous effort is proving a great way for the project to achieve, however right now we’re only building and testing things on Intel based architectures. As ARM devices like the Raspberry Pis, Cubieboards, C.H.I.P.s and the just announced Endless Mini become more prominent we want to make sure GNOME software is ready for those platforms as well to the extent possible.
gnomelovesarmSo I have asked the board for permission to try to reach out to organizations willing to donate ARMv7 servers to the GNOME Foundation for our continuous infrastructure. If you know of any organization (company, foundation, university…) with access to such hardware that might be willing to lend or donate it to us please get in touch with me at aruiz at gnome dot org.

Note that we don’t really need physical access to the hardware as long as it’s connected 24/7 on a decent internet connection.

Thanks a lot!


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