Post Guadec post


At last, my post Guadec post. What a crazy week, the first day I lose my backpack with my laptop and my home’s keys, so it wasn’t a good start. However, I had a great fun, and it was great to stay there again.

I would like to congratulate Paul and Thomas and the rest of the organization for such a great job, and I’m looking forward to go to Istambul next year.

Clutter rock my ass

One of the things that I most enjoyed was the clutter+opt+poppler+gtollina mushup that fer and me hacked at Guadec. I decided to go a step further and I have hacked a formal patch to add pdf support for clutter’s opt. Check it out at openedhand’s bugzilla.

I would like to add PDF transition support and maybe slide caching at some point. By the way, the Clutter api is just beautiful, kudos to the o-hand hackers.


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