Fedora: Laptop Hardware Enablement (hint: we’re hiring)

So, since September I have¬†transitioned to a new job, from¬†working on Fleet Commander full time with Oliver, to managing a¬†team whose job is to make sure that a number of laptops (to be defined) are well supported in Fedora, and therefore upstream kernel, Wayland, MESA and GNOME. I’m honored to be working among great people in this space: Hans de Goede, Peter Jones, Christian Kellner and Benjamin Berg.

If you want more details as to the plans of the team, please watch the talk Hans gave at DevConf that you can watch on YouTube.

Of course, I’ll still be managing the Fleet Commander project, which is coming along pretty nicely. Currently Oliver is focusing on the FreeIPA integration.

By the way, I’m hiring a Senior Software Engineer for the team, we’re looking for someone with consumer & enterprise ¬†hardware enablement related skills to help with TPM2 support for x86_64, POWER and ARM in Fedora, people willing to work from Munich are preferred, but we’re open to strong candidates¬†working remotely, if you think this is for you¬†get in touch with me and/or apply.

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