Evolution Hackfest


I am having a blast during the first few sessions at GUADEC.

I should mention that the Evolution team is organizing an Evolution hackfest on Monday. Most of the current Evolution team will be there (Matthew, Milan, Fabiano, Tomas…). We have cool plans for Evolution going forward, namely making it more stable and adding long overdue features. The MS Exchange support based on Microsfot's EWS is coming along really nicely in 3.8 and we expect to get even further feature wise for 3.10. Tomas Popela is working hard to get the webkit based composer in place and get rid of gtkhtml. Milan is killing bugs like a machine. And Matthew is working in major refactor and code cleanup work to make the project more maintainable.

As you can see, loads of awesome stuff going on, but we need help!

I am specially interested in getting input from designers and having a more concrete set of goals to incrementally improve Evolution's user experience. The calendar view and making the inbox view more thread friendly would be a great start.

Join us and help us make Evolution rock and roll!

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