GNOME DX Hackfest: Call for action

Hello guys, things are working well and nice for the GNOME DX Hackfest, as I mentioned in my previous post, the venue is confirmed and the dates are confirmed as well (30th, 31th Jan and 1st of Feb). A budget request has been set to the board of directors to hopefully bring people in need for sponsorship to the hackfest.

Some people have already confirmed their attendance, Lennart Poettering, Frederic Peters and yours truly being some of them. I'm sure a big bunch just have forgotten to confirm, so please read carefully.

This is a call of action to attendees and people who were willing to attend but can't:

  • If you are NOT going to attend, remove yourself from the tentative list.
  • If you ARE going to attend, remove yourself from the tentative list and add yourself to the confirmed attendees list.
  • If you are waiting for sponsorship do nothing.

Thanks a lot to everyone!

This hackfest is kindly hosted by the betagroup coworking space in Brussels.

Update: Meg Ford has pointed out that I did not explain what to do if waiting for sponsorship, fixed.

3 thoughts on “GNOME DX Hackfest: Call for action

  1. What should I do if I can go but need funding? I don’t usually add myself to “confirmed” on hackfest wikis until I’ve bought tickets.


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