GNOME DX Hackfest: Update #1

Hello everybody,

A couple of news regarding the Developer Experience hackfest.

First and foremost, the interest shown is outstanding, very interesting names and a lot of enthusiasm around. The amount of people willing to attend and the fact that some of the key people in the project is interested in pushing this area forward is really encouraging.

We have a possible venue and dates, our friends from the Brussels' Betagroup Co-Working Space have kindly offered a room for the hackfest where we can cellebrate the hackfest. What's exciting about this venue is that they are able to host the days immediately before FOSDEM, which means that a lot of people outside of Europe can make the most of their trip, I hope this will maximize attendance. Plus the venue is 30 minutes by foot away from the FOSDEM venue so the people wanting to attend both events can choose a single accomodation for the whole week. 

I would like to ask the people interested in coming to fill up the doodle with their names are their williness to attend in this dates/venue so that I can move forward and confirm it.

By the way, I'd be interested to see more names from the MonoDevelop/Xamarin world, as I think they have very valuable input to this particular area, so if you are listening, please consider attending 🙂

I'm looking forward for this hackfest to happen!


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