Why can’t we be friends?

During GUADEC, I took the time to do a little exercise.

Most times, I don't really pay any attention to trolls, let alone doing something to convince them that they are wrong. However, in the recent years there has been a rumour around that in the context of GNOME, there has been a growing tension between Red Hat and Canonical employees.

In order to exemplify and nurture the healthy coexistence of two rival companies within a community that strives for a symmetric and balanced treatment to all parties, I've been going around camera on hand to see how well Canonical and Red Hat employees like each other:

Unfortunately, things got out of hand, and the experiment only had limited success, here are a few subjects exposing inappropriate behaviour:

These last incidents have already been reported to the pertinent authorities.

Jokes aside, it is an immense pleasure to work with such an amazing community, full of remarkable people, employed or volunteers, you all rock guys.

One thought on “Why can’t we be friends?

  1. Thanks for posting this, usually it’s the people who aren’t involved in what we do making the off the wall claims about whatever when we could be worrying about more important things to come out of GUADEC, like did Bastien’s team lose in football?


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