Final call: Planet GNOME policy changes

This is a final call for our beloved bloggers, I will be performing the removal of those blogs from people who have not joined or renewed their GNOME Foundation membership.

5 thoughts on “Final call: Planet GNOME policy changes

  1. @traffdr
    Well, this decision comes from the board of directors of the foundation, which was democratically elected by the members of the foundation, which is the only official organ of representation of the GNOME community and not a difficult place to be part of. So this is actually a quite democratic policy.
    I find it quite interesting that the only ones complaining most about it are not even GNOME contributors, and certainly not part of Planet GNOME.


  2. absolutely weird decision considering the low volume of planet gnome. somehow reminding me why i am strongly hesitant of renewing my membership: i entirely don’t like narrow minded people: have to blame myself of acting narrow minded way too often, and this actions never did any good.


  3. Which reminds me that I haven’t renewed my GNOME Foundation membership. Not that I blog enough to worry about being excluded from Planet GNOME, though it will limit the exposure of any rare intltool and related announcements I might make. :/


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