aKademy and GUADEC

Long time no blog, I'm focusing on finishing my degree this year so my public profile and contributions have been a bit abandoned recently. Last week I went to Gran Canaria to do my exam on Probability and Statistics, I have to say that I actually enjoyed the subject, hopefully next time I look into it will be to make use of it and not to do an exam, wish me luck with the results.
If everything goes fine, I will only have one subject left to get my degree this September (on diodes, transistors and circuit resolutions… not fun), and possibly some extra work on parallel algortithms and OS design and implementation.

I'm quite happy that I made the decision to leave home to work full time for Sun back then and delay my degree, but I have to admit that using all my vacation time to push for college stuff for three years now is actually quite exhausting. Hopefully this will be over soon.

In FOSS land, I have a quite interesting month ahead of me, I'll be attending aKademy next week in Tampere and will be giving a talk at GUADEC in Den Haag by the end of the month, in the meantime, I'll be going to the GNOME Beer Event in London the 9th of July. All in all a pretty busy month of freedesktop events, all of them sponsored by Codethink.

4 thoughts on “aKademy and GUADEC

  1. Well, I mean biased in the good way 🙂
    I’m know the KDE is a good piece of free software and that you really appreciate it. I’m even sure that you’ll find new way of collaboration and strengthen the links with the KDE community.
    However, I know that GNOME is the apple of your eye, and you can’t deny it 🙂


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