A year of codethoughts

Last Friday I made one year at Codethink Ltd, and it's been a really fun ride so far, currently I'm actually quite happy with the company and the value I'm adding to it. A few months ago I got promoted from project manager to member of the board of directors which is both a scary and exciting.

Manchester is a great city, looking back I can't think of a better move for me both professionally and personally, plus working in a small company is been a totally different kettle of fish compared to Sun Oracle.


The best part is the people, we have an amazing team and we have the luxury to make substantial contributions to quite a few open source projects.

Company wise, things are going quite alright, not that I can comment much on our current plans but if things go as expected you'll hear some interesting stuff from us soon. By the way, if you are looking for support and top expertise on the GNOME and Freedesktop stack, we are available for contracting! Drop me a line to alberto.ruizcodethink.co.uk if you're interested.

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