BuilDj’s first contribution patch!

Some news from the BuilDj front.

We've got our first contribution! Woohoo! C++ support was kindly added thanks to Simon Wenner, it is really nice to see people joining so soon! Thanks a lot Simon. I've been also starting to document the specification a bit in the l.g.o website.

I think I didn't make clear what my goal was in my last post given some of the comments. My goal is to bring IDEs and build systems closer, I'm using waf as a reference implementation, and honestly, because it's the only one that allows an alternative "front-end" and offers a development platform and hooks all over the place in a somewhat elegant way. As I said, CMake, Anjuta, Eclipse, NetBeans and all sort of implementations are more than welcome, but we need something to focus and try things out as a start.

By the way, I'll be hanging out in #buildj at in case anyone wants to collaborate!

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