Boston Summit Fun

I’m at the Boston GNOME Summit at M.I.T. nice to visit the US a second time and get a grasp on another city. This is my first summit and so far it’s been really nice to experience a different kind of event than GUADEC. I like the environment and the fact that is less crowded and more relaxed. It allows you to have the time to actually talk quietly with the people around.

Gtk+ Font Dialog Revamp

A while ago I tried to approach the Gtk+ standard font dialog usability issues and started some discussions in my blog.

After having some discussions that didn’t really help me to get anywhere, I decided to find someone with a real usability background so I poked Máirín Duffy and she agreed to team up to solve this problem by doing some mockups for me to implement in pygtk and the run usability tests with the prototypes.

I’m glad I found someone to actually approach this problem from a proper UI design cycle rather than making things up based on gut feelings and random suggestions from other developers based on their personal preferences.

In about a week we should be able to come up with the first prototype.


Ryan and myself have done some PR on dconf and GSetings and trying to push the proposals of inclusion of the basic infrastructure into GLib to move forward. It seems we have a way forward. This is good news for the de-Bonobo-ization goal for GNOME 3.0. and getting a more performant configuration system and a proper GObject friendly API for the platform.


Loads of sessions and audience around the GNOME Shell projects, I have to say that I’ve been exceptic about the direction of the Shell, but after the sessions and the overview of the RedHat guys and been running it from Karmic for a while I think it’s coming along not that badly and that we could get.

2 thoughts on “Boston Summit Fun

  1. Just last week on Miss Duffy’s blog I noted my issues with the font dialogue (and general font organisation), even filing an ambiguous bug with GNOME 🙂
    One thing I’d love would be seeing previews of the font *in* the list of font names, and not just when you’ve selected a font. A system can easily have over a hundred fonts installed and the difference in time spent by the user traversing the list with and without visiting each item is huge!


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