PyGTK on Windows land

It’s been a while since my last adventures on PyGTK on Windows land. A week before GUADEC I actually managed to spend some time on getting pycairo and pygobject working for VisualStudio.

The pycairo stuff is ready for upstream, check FDO#22940. The pygobject stuff on the other hand needs some love to be suitable for upstream, however I have a git branch if people want to try out.

As for pygtk… that beast is hairier than I thought! It’s going to take me a while before I can get it throught though. If anyone has some knowledge on python distutils and pygtk bindings, any help would be appreciated!

If I manage to get this through, I’ll be very very close to a proper PyGTK installer! 🙂


12 thoughts on “PyGTK on Windows land

  1. Alberto, Welcome back to the world of PyGtk! Your timing is impeccable
    I have spent the last week fixing pygobject and pygtk to work on windows again. I finally succeeded in making correct installers last night.
    It was quite a bit of work, especially pygobject. Please see the master-windows branches of
    The relevant bugs are


  2. I just saw your git branch. I ended up fixing a whole bunch of things in much the same way as you.
    It is a shame that you didn’t announce your work 3 weeks ago on the mailing list or the appropriate bugs. It would have saved me some work.
    Oh well. Such is FOSS I guess.


  3. Hi Alberto,
    On the subject of windows installers: I have been fixing Wine to run the windows installer toolkit (WiX) on it. The latest wine version (1.1.26) should allow you to create msi packages with WiX from Linux without any native dll’s.
    You can either use MS dotnet or Mono for windows to run the WiX tools (there are still some quirks with mono).


  4. @John:
    I don’t mind really, I’ve learned a lot in the process 🙂 Let’s see how far can we get.
    Great stuff!!!!! Now the interesting part would be porting the wine stuff to Linux 😉 But what you did is an important step indeed.


  5. Please post a PyGTK all in one installer and make it official for Pygtk.
    PLEASE. Make it work in Vista/7.
    Thank you. I will follow your blog.


  6. Yes… eagerly awaiting the day there is a current installer for pygtk, pygobject and pycairo 🙂
    (+ Pygtk fixed so that gedit python plugins work in winwos)


  7. I live in a 1st floor apt. My windows don’t have screens or inside bars. Is my land lord liable if she knows?
    I asked my landlord to put either screens or inside safety bars in my windows–she refused. Is she liable if my apt is broken into through the window? I live in Seattle.


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