A month and a half in the UK

So… yeah, nearly two months since I moved to Manchester, and one month and a half working for Codethink. Moving is been a tough thing to do, I’m living alone for the first time now and I do miss all of my flatmates from Dublin and Willowdale (the house where we used to live the four of us). Besides, starting social life from 0 again is a bit of a pain. Paperwork is pretty much sorted out already though!

Anyway, despite all the downsides, I have to say that now more than ever, I’m extremely happy with the decision. Codethink is turning out to bet the best place I ever worked in as I’m starting to use all my potential and skills at once for the first time. Rob is being a great boss, he never puts constraints on people’s imagination and gives space to try new things, something essential to keep people’s motivation high and deliver innovation. I have loads of fun with John Carr everyday at the office (and sometime on the weekends too ;-), the rest of the guys work from home so contact is less frequent, but as pleasant as with the onsite guys.

All in all, I feel like I’m surrounded by some of the most talented group of engineers involved in the GNOME landscape, no wonder why our motto is PROVIDING GENIUS., however, more than anything else they are starting to become my friends, something I think is a key to achieve a pleasant and motivating work environment.

Exciting times are not ahead anymore, I’m living exicting times right here, right now!

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