RE: Finite resources, infinite growth

Philip proposes that we should modify the entire human race for them to have fewer possibilities to reproduce as a measure of birth control. As a prerequisite you will need to modify every single newborn, if we had the resources to influence how every single new person is born, we would actually be at the point where we could stop thos non desired borns in a much simpler way…

Anyway, there’s an easier way that actually has many other upsides. Philip, let’s solve poverty instead of proposing sci-fi 🙂


10 thoughts on “RE: Finite resources, infinite growth

  1. No one ever considers using heat as a means to moderate spermatozoa production. I don’t know if it’s fear or ignorance or what.
    Wet heat. Google it.


  2. We’re going to need scf-fi either way, given that solving poverty is more about solving the very resource shortages Philip was talking about. Either we pull sci-fi out of our butts to send people off to a new world where they can find abundant arable land, clean water, and other minerals for the production of valuable goods, or we pull sci-fi out of our butts to shrink the Earth’s population to a point where our consumption of resources is less than or equal to the planet’s capability to produce them.
    And no, “educating the world to be more mindful of the Earth and to be consume less” is not even remotely a valid solution, no more than “educating the world to have less kids” is viable. Those who care have to put up with the fact that most people do not, and come up with the science to make caring or not caring about the Earth and its resources irrelevant.
    In short, we’re all screwed. 😉


  3. Ha, awesome. You’re aware that what you propose and what philip proposes are of equal difficulty and are both sci-fi?


  4. If you’d watched the Hans Rosling tech talks, you’d likely be pretty positive that the problem is solving itself as we speak.
    Also, I’m very sure forced birth control is against the constitution in almost every country.


  5. To solve poverty I think we might need a new money.
    Right now, with “money as debt” (googleable), I think we will always have financial winners and losers.
    Poverty by design, courtesy of our government/banker masters.


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