Farewell Sun

It’s been two years since I moved to Dublin to work as an intern in the desktop virtualization group, and they have been by far the most exciting years of my life. Lots of stuff have happened since then, I’ve got promoted to full time engineer, my team has grown to more than double since I got in and we’ve been building an incredible product right from scratch that is actually quite successful, Jan Schmidt moved to Dublin to work in my team, Carlos, Luis and Adrian all of them college mates, best friends of mine and three brilliant engineers, came to work at Sun as interns last year and we moved together, I’ve lost 26 kilos… I cannot think of a better way to start my professional and personal life after college.

When I look back, I can only see positive things about the decision to leave my home land and work in such a great company, among such a talented group of people and with two great managers Dirk and Geoff that have always trusted me and from whom I’ve learned a lot. Actually it’s been feeling too good for a while, I would like to try risky things before I get too old to be able to do them and also there’s a whole skill set of mine that I can’t apply to my current day job and that’s sort of frustrating. And therefore after loads of thoughts I have made the move:

In three weeks I will be moving to Manchester, UK, to work with Rob Taylor and the rest of the codethink team! How cool is that? Exciting times ahead!

8 thoughts on “Farewell Sun

  1. Man, you’re brave, congratulations!!! 🙂
    I wish you all the best in your new adventure but can’t promise I’ll pay you a visit, although I’d love it.


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