Always look at the bright side of life!

As most of the people that know me, I was against of the choice of git as the DVCS for GNOME. I still find kind of unfortunate that we went for that choice for reasons that I have already stated on this blog.

However, I must say that the activity around the migration, and the prospects of lots of branches with really cool stuff already getting their way into the main repositories is actually really cool. Also, the quality of the documentation that is getting on is actually really good for the most important usecases and the sysadmin team is doing a great job (with the subsequent improvement of the overall sysadmin situation).

So it’s turning out that what looked to me to be not the best decision, has a lot positive side effects. Don’t overlook the benefits of community excitement for the sake of other abstract criteria. Kudos to everyone involved in the migration.


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