New York was great. I’m not so.

I think it’s time to get back at blogging.

It’s been almost two weeks since I came back from New York, lovely city, people were actually quite easy going and charming there, a pretty good first impression of the US citizens, I wonder why people from the states usually talk about NYC people as very stressed and not so easy going. I guess it’s the same reason people from Madrid have the same reputation among the other Spaniards. I will post my photos soon… ish.

However the coming back have not been so pleasant, I’ve been sick during the last week, actually quite badly and I’m still trying to recover and during this week my insomnia problems are striking back, so I’m still a bit fuzzy and unable to concentrate on pretty much anything which is kind of frustrating when it happens for so long.

All this makes the fact that I’m turning 25 next Monday a little more depressing, so this is it? am I getting old? is this what it feels like?

5 thoughts on “New York was great. I’m not so.

  1. Alberto,
    I have somehow managed to get to 59!
    Thanks for the Vala gtkmozembed binding and the little example app. I also found a WebKit example. I wrote a little gtkmozembed html viewer with toolbar buttons. I wrote it in Genie, the alternative Python-like syntax that the valac compiler supports.
    My blog posts:
    One thing I’m stuck on is how to grey-out the forward/back buttons as-appropriate — I made a method for it but don’t know how to call it when the window changes. I was wondering if you might have any thoughts on how to do that.


  2. Good to hear you liked NYC, hope you feel better. I’m 27 which doesn’t feel depressing until I realize how fast a year goes, and that in just 3 more I’ll be 30. Thirty is supposed to be our prime, and it makes me think about all the things I want to accomplish and how little time there is to do it all!


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