Bespin: The Web is the IDE

Just spotted this Mozilla LABS project via, Bespin.

The project aims to create a code editor using web standards that can be accessed from anywhere. Check the video on their web site to see it in action.

This project has nailed an idea that has been in my mind for a while, which is that, for most opensource projects, the web becomes the IDE. We use bugzilla to track our bugs, SVN(or any other [D]VCS) web viewers to track our code and visualize commits. We have build servers that show build and unit test results. It seems to me that the last piece is the code editor.

I would love to see an scenario where we can create a branch, write a patch to fix a bug or add a new feature, and click on “send to build server” and just check the output to see what went wrong. All done from the internet coffee of an airport where you are stuck with no possibility of recharge your laptop battery. This would also save the huge loss of time and productivity while setting up a development environment for the first time or when you screwed your system.

Another interesting feature is the collaborative edition of files. Imaging a patch submiter that has got some things wrong, the maintainer could show him the style fixes and other stuff live!

I think I’m going to follow this project quite closely.