Aruiz’s GNOME Hacker of the year awards for 2008

Last year I made a post for what I thought it was the list of people that made the most interesting work during 2007. I almost forget to do the same before we are too much into 2009.

Johan Dahlin and Colin Walters

For their work on GObject Introspection. This is the jewel of the crown of the GNOME’s platform future, GObject introspection is already enabling loads of awesome and when finished, it will push our technologies into places that were not possible so far, and of course the life of bindings maintainers is going to be way happier. Johan and Colin have been also started a new generation set of GNOME bindings for Python and Java respectively, PyBank and JGIR.

Alexander Larsson

After writing gio, this guy has been cleaning up the nautilus dependency tree getting it rid of gnome-vfs and libgnome. And after that he started a new Gtk+ branch aimed to get rid of the X subwindows enabling a flicker-free Gtk+ and a lot of posibilities for ARGB visuals and offscreen rendering. Alex seems to have some sort of master plan to clean up the whole GNOME platform. We definitively need more people like him.

Carlos Garnacho

Carlos has been working on introducing Multi Pointer X support to Gtk+ during 2008. Yet another area that will push Gtk+ into the innovation track again he has been also working lately on the new theming API. Carlos is really serious on improving Gtk+.

Tim Janik and the Imendians

During the Gtk+ hackfest in Berlin on March 2008, Tim presented a proposal tailored by him and some other imendians. They had the guts to propose an API/ABI compatibility break and a feasible roadmap to get the to a Gtk+ 3.0 release and bring some hope to the future of the toolkit. After that, loads of people have had the motivation to start trying new things to improve Gtk+ proving that the proposal alone was worth it. Big kudos to him and the Imedio team.

Owen Taylor

Owen has been putting together all the pieces for the new Desktop Shell aimed to make GNOME 3.0 a task oriented desktop. This is something that was long overdue we have been pretty conservative in the latest years regarding the desktop UI paradigm, it’s pretty exciting to see someone actually taking this bullet and trying things out. Great work Owen, and don’t forget to upload more screenshots and videos!

Stormy Peters

Actually I’m not sure whether I should bring this award to Stormy or to the GNOME Foundation board members who decided to hire her. There has been a radical change in the way that the activities of the Foundation has been communicated and also a considerable amount of action items that has been addressed during 2008, quite an achievement given that she’s been around only for 6 months. But most importantly is the way she communicates and how quick she got involved in the community what makes the real difference here. I’m pretty sure she would say she doesn’t deserve it, and that it is the whole community what is great, but I’m still quite happy with the work she have been doing so far thus this award.

And that’s it from my side. If you have a personal award you want to give, make sure you put a comment on this post and a few words on the work that person has been doing to make GNOME rock even more.

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