GObject-Introspection and QMetaObject

It seems that the amazing GObject-Introspection work done by Johan Dahlin and Colin Walters (among others) is starting to reach audience outside of the GNOME community.

My good friend Richard Dale, the QtRuby and Qyoto (the Mono bindings for Qt4) guy is putting together some code to be able to generate QMetaObjects, the object responsible to store slot, signals and properties data on a Qt object, out of the metadata stored in the GObject-Introspection repositories. His main goal at the moment seems to be enabling a GIO-KIO bridge.

Quite interesting work, I wonder if some day it could work both ways and we would be able to access Qt classes as GObjects. Exciting, the G-I team is doing an amazing job, keep up the good work guys!


3 thoughts on “GObject-Introspection and QMetaObject

  1. Hi,
    lease can someone explain my what will be the impact of this for an end user?
    AFAIK it is not about themes and look&feel (like GTK-Qt amnd QGtkStyle)
    Will it alow to use filedialogs from oposite toolkits? So Qt-application can use gtkfiledialog under Gnome/Metacity?


  2. @pp:
    You are right, is not about look and feel (we are addressing that in the Gtk+ 3.0 Theming API hackfest.
    The idea would be that GObject APIs could be used as Qt objects (and potentially the other way around as well).
    Think for example about GIO, or GStreamer, or Telepathy.
    This would allow better integration and reuse of the GNOME and KDE libraries in a familiar way for both communities.


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