Sneak peek on Hagen’s animation work.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Hagen Schink is coming to the Gtk+ 3.0 Theming API Hackfest.

Hagen is working on an animation framework for Gtk+, today he posted a video demonstrating his work, and the results are impressive:
Google video link

His work is available at bugzilla (#570479). Great job Hagen!


6 thoughts on “Sneak peek on Hagen’s animation work.

  1. Looks good. This would be awesome for visual queues (e.g., expanders sliding out instead of being jumpy). The flickering every time a button is clicked is a bit distracting though.


  2. Ok, that could work very nice indeed. Although I’m not so sure that it’s good to compare it with an AJAX interface, since that’s based on (slower than on your hdd) information. Therefore it benefits more from animation when stuff has been downloaded.


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