Back to Dublin

Back to Dublin, it was great to see friends and family again, but I have to admit that I love being back in routine, when I don’t have anything to do I spent too much time in front of the computer till late at night, and then I spend the whole morning sleeping… then I get sad and angry because of the biorythm shift, too bad. Anyway.

I got the chance to organize a gathering with some friends from elementary school, most of us never heard anything from each other since 10 years (when we went to high school). It was really nice to get back with some of the fellows from my childhood and see how things were going for them. I’m glad they all are doing fine.

Reencuentro Colegio Cataluña 1984Reencuentro Colegio Cataluña 1984

I went to Madrid with Roberto, Maria, Garnahco and Juanje (yeah, GNOMErs, all of them) for the last two days of my vacation, which turned out to be frozen by the snow, my plane got delayed by 4 hours (not a problem with a good book on physics though) first time ever that the Barjas airport gets closed, and first time ever that I throw snow balls to someone (sorry Maria).

Madrid Enero 2009Madrid Enero 2009Madrid Enero 2009: ZapatillaMadrid Enero 2009

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