Life, Gtk+ and GUADEC


Long time no blog. I've been quite busy lately, mostly work and real life. For the first time I've joined a gym, and I'm quite commited to lose the fat I've got during my college years. It's been almost 10 years since last time I did regular sport, and I'm actually surprised that results are getting there only after 1 month, soon I'll need new trousers. I'm doing three times a week, plus a soccer match on thursdays with the guys at Sun (originally started as a MySQL vs. Sun soccer match).

At the begining I thought that it will be pointless, that it will take me too much time to lose fat, and that I will be tired all day, but it turns out that is funny, and the trainers are quite friendly and are always up to help me and answer any question I have to get better results. After all this years I' actually regret not to do this before. I've lost 4 kg already (probably more taking muscle gain into account), and I haven't been so thin since my first year which actually encourages me to go ahead, still around 15/20 more to go though.

Gtk+ Theming API Hackfest

Since Real Life(TM) is taking me some more time than usually, I don't have as much time as usually to hack and my Gtk+/Win32 love and other ramdom stuff is kind of stalled. However, I took the time to organize a small hackgest here in Dublin in the Sun offices for mid februray.

The idea of the hackfest is to improve the whole theming situation on Gtk+, how Gtk+ draws and how can be themed, this aims to make life easier to artists (CSS, more flexible engines), engine writers and non X11 look&feel integration and extend the capabilities of Gtk+. Also, people from Trolltech and Mozilla will be around to give us their feedback on how can we improve our public API for better integration of Gtk+ on third party toolkits, I guess offscreen rendering work would be a big topic here.

There are quite interesting people coming, check the wikipage of the event. I would like to thank Sun and the GNOME Foundation for supporting this event.

( GUADEC+Akademy || Akademy+GUADEC )

Things are start to rolling in what I think it could be the start point for a lot of great things to happen in the free desktop world, the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. I have the gut feeling that if we sit down together face to face we can achieve a lot of interesting things, I'm starting to feel the good sinergy between both communities in the organization mailing list.

My Christmas flight is earlier than expected to Gran Canaria this year, we're going to have a meeting between the GNOME Board (Chema, Dave and myself), the KDE eV guys and the local government (Cabildo de Gran Canaria) to visit  the venue, discuss, and why not, enjoy a more pleasant weather than the central european one 😉
Kudos to Agustin and the local organization team for setting everything up to both board visitors for this meetings.

Dirk and Geoff, my managers, have agreed to include my involvement in GUADEC into my personal development plan, that means, I have working hours dedicated to GUADEC's organization. So expect more blog posts about what's going on on the most important open source event of the year! (Okay, that was biased, but I don't care).


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