Gtk+ Hackfest 2008: Day three

Yesterday was a quite productive day.

Very early at the morning, I managed to kill the most annoying bug on the Windows engine so far:

Everytime you organize a hackfest, the hackers kills some bugs. Do it for the bugs!

At the morning there was the WebKit discussion, pretty cool stuff, it seems that WebKit is going to bring loads of new kind of applications. Alp Toker has done an outstanding job there, go alp, go!

Then we had the Foreign OSes BoF, which I was pretty excited to do. It was basically a gathering of the people doing stuff on non Linux environments.

We identified the main problems surrounding the Win32 and OSX development experience with Gtk+, the imendians have been doing an outstanding work getting XCode integration for OSX developers. They actually demoe a Hello World!, and it was by far, the easiest C based Hello World! I’ve ever seen. No `pkg-config` stuff, no command line black art, just write code a compile.

As for Visual Studio very little is done, we lack knowledge and there’s none around the effort with extensive experience on it. So bratsche and myself am going to research on it and try to come up with something.

Now I need to get ready for ryan’s dconf talk, wee!


4 thoughts on “Gtk+ Hackfest 2008: Day three

  1. Alberto,
    Thanks so much for blogging. The amount of blogging (from others) has so far been disappointing.
    Poke them with a stick and ask them to pretty please blog about cool stuff, please?


  2. If I can suggest one more small enhancement : the little arrow on the push button on the combo box in the first example is *not* horizontally centered (or at least, it doesn’t seem to be centered)!
    A,yway, it’s a cool news for Gtk on Win32, thanks a lot 🙂


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