Gtk+ Hackfest 2008: Day one and a half

I’ve arrived to Berlin on Sunday morning for the Gtk+ Hackfest 2008. So far it’s been pretty nice, I think Berlin is a lovely city, people seems nice, and it seems that there are a lot of things to do in the city.

Yesterday morning we had the "Gtk+ Visions" presentation from the imendio guys. The big topic there being the future of Gtk+ (Gtk+ 3.0). There were a lot of discussions, but the general feeling I got is that everybody pretty much agreed on the main topics, Gtk+ is getting into a dead-end, and that we want to make sure that the migration path to (Gtk+)++ is as soft and painless as possible. Gonna try to start drawing the plans

One of the issues discussed was to provide a predictable release that might break ABI and remove deprecated API. The intervals for this are not clear yet, but it sounds like a good idea to me. Being predictable will let ISVs anticipate this sort of issues, which is better than getting to the situation where Gtk+ cannot get any better. There wasn’t any decisions taken whatsoever, but the general feeling of agreement is pretty promising.

I’ve been working mostly on the Windows engine. I’m stucked with a nasty bug (#461805) on the combo box, which is fixed for the Windows XP/Vista theming engine, but not for the classic theme (Win2000 look and feel). Here’s the improvement so far:


3 thoughts on “Gtk+ Hackfest 2008: Day one and a half

  1. There are still applications using GTK1, many years after it was dropped. Debian is finally kicking those out of the distro though.


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