Gtk+ foo

Heading to Berlin

I’m heading to Berlin for the Gtk+ Hackfest next week, I’m pretty excited about it not only because most people from the Win32 gang are going to be there there (we’re gonna miss dom though), but also because I get the feeling that I’m gonna learn a lot from the real Gtk+ rockstars. I’m feel quite lucky and thankful that behdad found a place for me there.

Win32 front

dom has been rocking on the GDI+ front, he got animations working, check out the video:


The loader has got to a pretty stable and feature complete state. We should do a release soon perhaps and ask people to test it.

I actually have changed the images of the Gtk+ demo, now that we have a new logo and Tango icons, it would be a good time to give the demos a face lift. Don’t you think?


3 thoughts on “Gtk+ foo

  1. So you’re going to Berlin? I hope you don’t want to do sightseeing that much, because public-transport is affected by a strike…


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