Big changes for me too (or maybe not?)

Nope, this is not yet another boring Gtk+ on Win32 blog post.

Yesterday it did 11 months since I’ve moved to Dublin and since I started working for Sun for my internship. I have to say that the whole experience has changed my life and the way I am both professionally and personally wise (for better mostly).

Move to another country away from your family and friends it’s quite hard, and actually the first few months were quite hard for me, different culture, different food, different weather. I’ve learned to take care of my friends better than I did before, I’ve learn to cook, and most importantly, I’ve learned how important the family is. Something that most times I gave for granted, somehow.

Professionally I’ve learned and I keep learning a lot, not only for the fact that I have more free time than I had back at Spain, but also because I’m working with a whole bunch of smart people.

The Spire at O’Connel Street, Dublin
from Sacred Destinations user at

So here goes the big change, or maybe not so big; I was supposed to come back to Spain the 1st of April as my internship was for one year, however, for some strange reason, Dirk wants me to stay on the team as a full time employee, not only as the open source guy but as an engineer working on our mainstream virtualization project for Sun Ray as well, most probably doing some RelEng work and fixing bugs for now.

So the plan now seems to be that I’m gonna be at Dublin for a few years at least, however, I’m gonna be at Spain from April to July to do a few exams (I still have 4 subjects left to end my bachelors degree though) and stay with my family.

I feel quite lucky for having such opportunity, and I would like to thanks alo for recommending me in the first place, without him this turn in my life wouldn’t be possible. I would also like to thanks to the whole GNOME community (specially the GNOME Hispano guys) for being such a good software development school, during this year I’ve realized how much I’ve learned since my involvement back in 2003 I now realize that I’ve wouldn’t been as valuable for Sun as I am without all the skills I learned inside such a great community.

By the way, our team is hiring developers located or willing to locate at Dublin or Hamburg, check out the two open positions and drop and send me a line with your CV to alberto dot ruiz at sun dot com.


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