My personal “Hacker of the year” awards for 2007

Something that I’ve been thinking to do since Christmas is to post here a list of hackers that I personally think that have done a great work. This is a very, absolutely, subjective list in no particular order of people that have brought technologies that I’ve found interesting and exciting for the GNOME project in particular.

Johan Dahlin

For his work on Gtk+, specially GtkBuilder, I’m looking forward to see Glade unleashing all its capabilities. Thanks Johan!

Alexander Larsson

This guy has done an amazing work in very little time, killing gnome-vfs and bringing a brand new beautiful IO API for GNOME is not an easy task. Kudos for Alex!

Jurg Billeter

He has done an stunning work bringin Vala to an usable state and working on instrospection, this project is bringing a pretty promising future to binding generation as well. On the other hand I think that he’s a great maintainer, very responsive and helpful.

Richard Hult

Gtk+ natively on Mac OS X done… do I need to say anything else?

Richard Hughes

He’s bringing sanity to the packaging area on the desktop through PackageKit, he has brought the project to life in very little time, and on the other hand he had the ability to grow a pretty big and healthy community around the project while doing regular blog posts.

Mathew Allum & Co.

This one goes for the guys at OpenedHand working for Clutter as well. They’re bringing a beautifully designed API for fancy effects that it’s going to enable lots of bling on the free desktops. Go go go!

Alp Toker

Alp is getting Gtk+ and the web even closer with his work on WebKit, I cannot wait until that widget gets stable enough to see it on the mainstream projects. Go Alp, go!

Andreas Nilsson

It might not be code, but this guy is a real hacker! Bringing integrated icons and artwork with a Tango touch!

The whole GNOME community

This one goes for the community as a whole! Cheers everyone! Let’s rock even more on 2008!


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