Pachi is my homeboy!

Long time no blog, I’ve been pretty busy lately due to some important changes on my life, more on that on some other post.

Anyway, I would like to thank Pachi to do that call for action on the Win32 side.

The answer of the people to that call has been actually pretty productive, so far we’ve got:

  • All the Gtk+ Win32 heroes on #win32, having johan and tor actively helping on the cause is gonna be a great boost.
  • A new wikipage on l.g.o to keep track of the goals, issues, tools and people.
  • A new project, buildows, started by asabil. This is an integration between jhbuild and WiX, the opensource microsoft installer generator.

Johan is getting closer to make WiX work with mono and wine, that would allow us to setup a buildbot that would generate the installers under Linux. It seems to me that we’re pretty close to get to an easy reproduceble and automated way to get builds and .msi installers.

Please, test our tools!

So, kudos to pachi, tor, johan, asabil and the rest of Gtk+/Win32 rock stars!


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