git silent breakness

<passionate rant>
I’ve been playing with git (versionn 1.5) for a while now. I’ve run into the same problem several times, sometimes after pulling my branch into the main one, some ramdom files are missing, not the ones I’ve added, but files that were there before and I haven’t removed from the repository at all.

Maybe I’m not using the tool correctly, but that’s exactly the point, if the tools is doing nasty things without warnings, how should I know?
</passionate rant>

I think DSCM is great though, I would like to give other options a try to see if they are any better regarding user friendliness and explicit security.

6 thoughts on “git silent breakness

  1. Mercurial turned out to be surprisingly easy to use (on a par with darcs). And it works with windows (and OS X). There are even “single-click” installers.


  2. What did you do exactly? Where were the files before they disappeared (ie untracked, in the index, or committed)?
    (Not that I’m any kind of git expert, having used it for a little over a week ..)


  3. rob:
    they were committed, they even had several revisions, and they just suddenly disappeared after I pulled from my branch (on my branch I didn’t explicitly removed anything).
    Peter, Bazaar-user:
    Well, I don’t really have choice in this particular project since it’s a freedesktop project, but I’m getting quite frustrated since I don’t feel very secure maintaining something with it.
    For other personal projects I might try other options.


  4. While there is probably some perfectly good reason that the files are “gone”, undoing a merge is trivial.
    Seeing what you got in a merge is also really easy with gitk. If you have revisions and upstream deleted them, it would be a merge conflict.
    More likely, upstream renamed the files.


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