Jython reaches stable realse

As an accidental Java programmer, and as a Python lover, I’m really excited to realize that Jython 2.2 has reached stable status, releasing the first production release ever.

I’m really excited to see what’s going on on the Jython/JRuby front, although I would like to see as much progress on Jython as in JRuby (the NetBeans 6.0 integration is pretty neat). Not really because of the language, since I find Ruby pretty neat once you get used to it, but because I find Django more convinient if you want do delegate the templates to a html/css/js hacker instead of creating the view using sourcecode.

It would be nice to get the scalability and speed of Java (despite the startup time, Java web apps are in fact faster than php/python/ruby equivalents) on Python frameworks.

Go Jython, go! 🙂


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