Bind them all!

I’ve been working on some vala bindings lately. My main purposes is to reuse some opt components to create a proper PDF viewer with transition support for presentations.


To be able to load pdf documents in Vala, I’ve made poppler-glib bindings and a proof of concept app:


Binding Source: poppler-glib.vala

Test Source:     pop.vala

Clutter 0.4

I’ve updated the clutter bindings, I wanted to be sure that the api coverage and the bindings were alright, so I started porting the test suite to vala. So far I’ve succesfully ported the test-actors test, and despite some problems with the Math package and some minor tweaks, it works!

OGG / YouTube

Binding Source: clutter-0.4.vala

Test Source:     test-actors.vala

The binding generator of vala needs some love yet, it doesn’t convert GError parameters into throw statements and some functions are not properly wrapped. However, it does the 90% of the job pretty well, and with some tweaking, it’ll be even better soon.


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