Clutter’s opt gets asynchronous

I’m trying to get asynchronous slide loading in opt to don’t waste so much memory while loading pdf presentations. (See o-hand‘s #410 to get the latest patch).

This is the first time that I do any kind of computer animation, and given the fact that my C skills are not any extraordinary, and that I did this hack in 1 hour (most of the time looking at others .h and .c to get used to the api). I think that we can say, from a empirical and scientific point of view that the Clutter API is extremely easy to use, in a nutshell, it rocks! (It also means, that our friends from openedhand rocks too).

The result is not any impressive, but I’m proud of it despite that, and that’s what matters the most:

YouTube / OGG

So far, what the patch does is create one slide per pdf page on the document and animate each actor on the slide. Next step is disallow the slide change until the pdf page is loaded.


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